About Us

IT Nexus, Inc. is a system integration firm that specializes in the delivery of GIS and IT solutions.

IT Nexus is expert at planning, designing and building web-GIS applications that establish easy-to-use information portals. We enthusiastically embrace and creatively practice the art and science of applying the remarkable capabilities of web technology to integrate the many “islands of information” that erode the efficient operation of most organizations.

Implementing GIS and IT system enhancements or developing new systems from scratch not only requires leading technology credentials but also the ability to understand the unique culture and decision-making process of each client’s work environment.

We live by a simple standard – our success if measured only by yours. Our commitment to seeing and understanding things from our client’s perspective while delivering leading technology expertise has allowed us to build trusted, long-term relationships. In each engagement our focus is partnering with you to deliver leading, highly productive GIS and IT outcomes to your organization.

IT Nexus, Inc. can provide your organization with GIS and IT services that address each step in the system development life-cycle:


… defining your strategic roadmap – the first critical step toward ensuring system success.


… the establishment of your Information Technology architecture and design for meeting business and service needs.


… the deployment of data and applications that improve business operations and the delivery of services.


… the delivery of system support services to ensure your organization continues to thrive.

ITN Services provides a complete listing of the services we provide.


"IT Nexus crafted a clear vision of our enterprise GIS that focused on improving data integration and access across our existing IT investments. They then showed a level of attention and dedication to our implementation success that has given me great comfort and confidence."